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This transportation is the best, whenever you’ve just landed at the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Bali airport taxi fixed rates (updated in 2019); Special note: even though these are the official published Bali airport taxi rates, it is possible that you will be asked to pay above these official rates.Mostly when you arrive late night or in peak season. 10,460.74 - 32,186.89. Bali Denpasar Airport taxi rates given here are in the local currency (IDR or Indonesian Rupiah).Use our currency converter or the cheat sheet to the left if you would like to convert to your currency. Have plenty of change on you, drivers often claim not to have change, hoping you will allow them to keep the difference. How much does a Taxi cost in Bali? BALI TAXI Monor és környéke, Gyömrő és környéke TAXIRENDELÉS, FUVAROZÁS, FUVAR tarifák toyota Avanza. See more of Taxi Bali on Facebook. Sorry Uber lovers, no you cant get an Uber in Bali! Everything from ‘How much it costs to get a Taxi from the Denpasar Bali Airport?‘, ‘How much should a Bali Taxi Cost?’ getting around Bali, or even using an Uber. We provided a list of Bali Ngurah Rai Airport taxi & transfer services to make sure that you have the perfect chauffeur driven car for your occasion. Don’t get ripped off by Bali Taxi Drivers anymore! A Normal starting tariff, when hailing a taxi is about Rp7,000 (AU .70c), Rp 6,500.00 to Rp 10,000 per km (AU .65c to $1 depending on traffic). Updated on 11/9/2018. Bali meter taxi (international and domestic terminal) You can catch a regular meter taxi (e.g. Other Taxi drivers often claim their meter is not working and will negotiate a fee which unless you know the price you may find yourself overpaying. Consider looking into aggregate data for Average in Indonesia, Copyright © 2009-2021 Numbeo. Taxis at Ngurah Rai International Airport can take you to any and all of Bali’s regions, for a price. How much does a Taxi cost in Bali? Please just use this as an estimated guide. Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 47,500.00 Rp. IDR 40,000 (about AU $4) is a good waiting fee. Copyright © 2009-2021 Numbeo. Since then I'm owner of a Toyota Avansa (5 people) and my own Transport and Guide company. Taking a taxi in Bali can be a daunting experience for newcomers to the island, what with the similar look and color of these rental vehicles, the difference in currency and the constant barrage of honks from drivers (personally, if I need a taxi I will seek one out proactively, negating the need for a shrill honk thank you very much). You are not really supposed to do this as Bluebird and other meter taxis do not pay the license fee to operate in the Bali airport.Nevertheless, it is a possibility. The tariff rates have increased between 20-30%. $85/12 hours. Bluebird) to leave the airport. Forgot account? Just click the marker and you should get an estimate cost of a Bluebrid taxi from previous experiences. $35/ 10 hours. Make sure the driver understands where he is going. I would suggest that if your driver makes excessive demands, politely refuse, take a note of the drivers I.D., and threaten to call the police. Flag falls have increased from Rp. Everyone always asks me about Bali Taxi Prices, because they have been ripped off at least once. toyota Avanza. If you need a taxi to wait around for you, expect to pay Rp 40,000 (AU $4) for an hour. 40,000 even for a short distance. Bali airport taxi rates 2020 with flat price, no hidden fee & all included! As well, they have their Blue Bird Taxi Bali group registration number on … Log In. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error. Bali airport taxis: A new screw up Late last night I arrived in Bali’s new airport, cleared immigration and customs and headed out to get a taxi home from the official taxi kiosk. Like, search for airplane tickets and choose where to stay on the island of Bali… Minimum fare if ordered by phone: Rp. Within Bali’s most popular resort areas, especially in the southern area, it’s easy to flag one down from a roadside. Find out why. Fast track immigration service also available. If you are an Uber lover, Uber is now available in Bali. When hailing a taxi on the street look carefully at the company name and bird logo on the side of the vehicle and the logo on the crown light to ensure that you are taking a taxi from the Bluebird Taxi Group. We saw many cabs that were blue with a bird sign at the top. Taxis in Bali are a viable choice for getting around the island, due to their wide availability and convenience. Many years ago, I decided to be my own boss. Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 7,000.00 Rp. Com agafar un taxi Xarxa de parades de taxi Tarifes Calcula la teva ruta Taxi adaptat Formes de pagament Drets i deures dels usuaris del taxi El taxi per dintre Objectes perduts (tràmit/formulari) Queixes o denúncies Opinions d'usuaris Normativa 162 people … This page will calculate your cab fare using Go-Car - Indonesia taxi rates. Uber, Lyft estimates Use RideGuru All results are estimates and may vary depending on external factors such as … For many years, I was driver for luxury hotels in Bali. To begin, enter your travel information in the fields below the map. For more info about see our Uber in Bali page. Worse, when you arrive at your destination, other drivers may make demands for extras like tips and parking costs, and you may feel obliged because you have been taken to where you asked. Bali Taxi Rates increased on 1st February 2015. Bali Taxi Private Transport Service provides cheap car rental in Bali such as Toyota Avanza, Xenia, Inova, Elf, Hiace and others at affordable prices. Bali Airport Taxi specialize in providing affordable airport transfers and transportation service in Bali. I personally haven’t tried it but, next time I’m in Bali I might give it ago and see how the price goes. To many citizens of Jakarta and many other big cities in Indonesia, Blue Bird Group isn’t just a taxi company, but a part of their lifestyle. 40,000.00 - 100,000.00. This transportation option is also But you can get GoJek which is their version of Uber. The fastest and easiest way to get from Bali airport to your resort is with a pre-booked private taxi to take you straight to your hotel door. Top Bali Taxis & Shuttles: See reviews and photos of taxis & shuttles in Bali, Indonesia on Tripadvisor. While it’s hard to know exactly what taxies are charging I think using these calculations should give you a good idea: So get out your Google maps and see how far it is you want to go.. ie for a 10km trip expect to pay between $6.50-$10. Have even more control and order a taxi anywhere with only a few clicks with our mobile online reservation. When you get to the airport taxi counter you will need to tell the clerk where you go and he will quote you the price. Top Bali Taxis & Shuttles: See reviews and photos of taxis & shuttles in Bali, Indonesia on Tripadvisor. Terms of Use and Taxi Bali. Welcome to the Bali Taxi Fare Finder. 7,000 (US$0.60). This includes a Meet & Greet service, where your driver will be waiting at arrivals, holding a sign with your name on it. I have put together a little map of estimated taxi costs from the Bali Airport to these locations. inova reborn. I'm an experienced driver! There are many different Taxi’s in Bali and many different Bali Taxi prices, but the 1 most trusted Taxi is the “Bluebird Taxi Group”. Don’t worry so have I, on more than one occasion. The Uber website estimates these prices from the Airport. Paid 55,100 from airport to Seminyak with real Blue Bird cab from across the street from airport entrance (catch the cabs as they are leaving the airport). The prices below are to used as guide only (for up to 4 people), as they might change and are only average estimates from a Bluebird Taxi. Please use this as a general idea for price from the Airport to the following areas around Bali: Does Bali have Uber Drivers? Ask the driver to repeat your destination to you, or ensure that he knows your destination by giving it to him in writing. GoJek in Bali. Always request for the meter to be turned on even in the. I showed thousands of guests the beauty of Bali and make them feel comfortable through my quiet and concentrated style of driving. If you have the app for Gojek/Gocar or Grab you can order a taxi through them. Our estimates are carefully calibrated based on local taxi rates & actual taxi prices. If you need to call a Taxi, usually any hotel will do it. toyota hiace. This blog is not related to the Bali airport taxi and if you wish to complain please use the Bali airport taxi contact details below. Inside Bali: Airport Taxi: Fares & Information - Before you visit Bali, visit Tripadvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers. 7,000.00 - 9,900.00. Your use of this service is subject to our * - This is an estimated fare. Táxis e traslados em Bali: Veja avaliações e fotos de 10 táxis e traslados em Bali, Indonésia no Tripadvisor. Scotty Boxa March 20, 2017 Guides, Tips, Travel. Book Now. Privacy Policy, Right on in accuracy in October 2019. $25/ 5 hours. Bali airport taxi rates. Let's support local transport From taxi, containers and heavy equipments, to logistics, Blue Bird Group is a holding group that is ready to cater to all your needs. Taxis in Bali are a viable choice for getting around the island, due to their wide availability and convenience. Em Ubud, o serviço de táxi é oferecido por particulares na própria rua e o preço se negocia diretamente com eles. Generally, all taxis get you to your intended destination in … Our online reservation system is fast, reliable, and supported with high-end computerized system that serve you 24/7. It’s new and still a little controversial, just like in Australia and around ... Bali Taxi PricesEveryone always asks me about Bali Taxi Prices, because they have been ripped off at least once. We need more contributors for Bali to increase our data quality. $65/ 10 hours. Your use of this service is subject to our. or. Retail Company . Make sure you ask them to put the meter on, as not all Bluebird taxis are what they seem anymore. I’ve written about Bali’s airport taxis on a number of occasions, primarily advising of the set fares and updating it when the fares went up after the rise in cost of petrol. Getting a Taxi at the Bali Airport . The Bali airport taxi charge a fixed rate depending on your destination. 6,000 (US$0.50) to Rp. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When travelling short distances around Bali the ‘Bluebird’ taxi’s are cheaper. TaxiFareFinder's taxi fare estimates are known to be the most accurate of any taxi website. (Not sure if Uber even has a presence in Bali.) 40,000 (AU $4)Bali Taxi phone numbers: Copyright 2007 - 2019 All rights reserved. How much does a Taxi cost from the Bali Airport? Community See All. Not Now. Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 12,110.32 Rp. Create New Account. Airport Taxi Transfer From Bali Denpasar International Airport to your Hotel If you are looking to travel from the airport to your hotel, resort or holiday rental property and want to avoid the stresses of navigating an unfamiliar public transportation system, language and culture, or are just after ease and comfort, then booking an airport transfer is for you. Yes, Uber is now available in Bali. Traffic conditions and road closures may also effect the pricing. These fixed rates are published on a big plastic signboard at the taxi counter. Powered by the Boxa Network. While it’s hard to know exactly what taxies are charging I think using these calculations should give you a good idea: A Normal starting tariff, when hailing a taxi is about Rp7,000 (AU .70c) Rp 6,500.00 to Rp 10,000 per km (AU .65c to $1 depending on traffic) Book Now. These are my best tips and guides to Bali Taxi prices. 3. Professional driver team removes the stress of driving in traffic while you prepare for your business meeting, getaway, holiday, or trip to see loved ones. Note that Bali Denpasar Airport taxi rates given here are for official taxis and unofficial or pirate taxis (discussed below) may be different. The official Blue Bird Taxi Bali cabs have an official driver’s plate inside the car in the front passenger seat. With taxi rates and prices for more than 1000 international locations, Taxi Fare Finder is the proven, trusted trip companion for travelers around the world. For airport transfer, Bali car rental with or without driver and motor bike rental. Pre-arrange your private airport taxi with us. +62 851008 99990 (text your name and address), Bluebird taxes have the best reputation (but not all drivers). Copyright 2007 - 2019 All rights reserved. There is a minimum fare if ordered by phone of Rp. Choice of Bali Taxi Transport on the Island of Bali If you are currently planning a vacation to the island of Bali, then there are many things you need to know and determine before leaving for vacation. That usually clears things up pretty quickly. Within Bali’s most popular resort areas, especially in the southern area, it’s easy to flag one down from a roadside. Táxi Espera de 1hora (Tarifa Normal) 47.500,00 Rp: 40.000,00-100.000,00: Gasolina (1 litro) 9.168,75 Rp: 7.800,00-10.000,00: Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Ou Carro Novo Equivalente) ... Italiano Costo della Vita a Bali Français Coût de la Vie à Bali Español Costo de Vida en Bali. Airport taxis are pre-paid at the taxi counter in front, with rates ranging from IDR 100,000 (USD $7.10) for Kuta in South Bali, to IDR 850,000 (USD $60.30) for fares to Tulamben in faraway East Bali. There are many cabs in Bali that look like Blue Bird Taxi Bali. Taxi Bali and Every Transportation that You can Use in Bali Taxi Bali might be the first thing that you’re looking for, once you arrive at Bali airport . Some places do not get a lot of taxi service, if you want him to keep the meter running while he waits, or if he’s willing to settle for an hourly fee. Book Now. Generally, all taxis get you to your intended destination in comfort. A lot of the taxi’s look the same, most Bluebird Taxi’s have ‘Bluebird Group’ written across the top of the front window. Em Bali, a oferta de táxis não é abundante e só se encontram nas zonas mais turísticas, como Kuta.

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